Baked Scrod $13.95

Baked with lemon butter, topped with seasoned bread crumbs

Scrod Marinara $14.95

Baked scrod served in our tangy marinara sauce

Scrod Française $15.95

Scrod served in a seasoned egg batter, sautéed in lemon and white wine

Baked Sea Scallops $17.95

Fresh sea scallops topped with seasoned bread crumbs

Baked Stuffed Jumbo Shrimp $18.95

Four jumbo shrimp baked with our own stuffing

Shrimp Scampi $18.95

Four shrimp sautéed in garlic butter served on a bed of rice or pasta

Baked Seafood Platter $19.95

Two clams casino, two baked stuffed shrimp, baked scrod, and baked sea scallops

~The above seafood dinners are served with a cup of soup or a fresh garden salad

and a choice of potato and vegetable or pasta ~

Fried Sea Scallops $16.95

Golden fried in our own batter, served with fries and cole slaw

**Consumning raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, or shellfish may increase

your risk of foodborne illness, especially if you have a medical condition. **


Pasta Fagioli or Chicken Escarole $2.50 cup/ $3.50 Bowl

Onion Soup $3.50 Cup/ $4.50 Bowl


Steak $11.95

Veal parmigiana $10.95

Chicken parmigiana $8.95

Eggplant Parmigiana $7.95

Meatball parmigiana $7.95

Grilled Chicken with lettuce and tomato $7.95


Sausage and peppers $7.95

Black Angus Burger $9.95

~Sandwiches are served with french fries, onion rings, or half french fries and half onion rings~

~Add cheese, mushrooms, onions, lettuce, or tomato to any sandwich for an additional charge~


Antipasto $7.95 small/ $9.95 large

Garden Fresh Salad $2.50 Side/$4.95 LARGE/$9.95 LARGE WITH CHICKEN

Caesar Salad $2.50 Side/$4.95 Large/$9.95 Large with Chicken

Side Orders

Meatballs $3.50

Pasta $3.50

French Fries $2.25

Peppers $2.95

Sausage $3.95

Eggplant Parmigiana $6.95

Vegetables $1.50

Beef & Chops

Surf and Turf Sirloin $24.95

16 oz. sirloin and two baked stuffed shrimp

Surf and Turf Filet $29.95

10 oz. filet and two baked stuffed shrimp

Filet Mignon (10 oz) $25.95

Cooked to perfection

Sirloin Steak U.S.D.A. Choice (16 oz) $20.95

Prepared to your liking- always perfect

Sirloin Steak Ala Mama $22.95

Cooked just the way you like it, smothered with fresh garlic and mushrooms

Sirloin Steak Ala Skip $22.95

Served with sautéed onions, mushrooms, and peppers

Broiled Pork Chops $16.95

Two 1 ½ inch thick pork chops, served with applesauce

Dinner Menu

Children's Menu

PastA & Meatball $4.95

Chicken Fingers & Fries $6.95

Cheese or Meat Ravioli (6) $4.95


Shrimp CocktaiL $2.95 ea.

Served individually with cocktail sauce.

Stuffie $2.50 ea.

Clams mixed with a seasoned stuffing in a half shell

Garlic Bread $2.50

Seasoned with garlic butter and finished with grated cheese

Bruschetta $5.95

Garlic bread topped with diced tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, and fresh basil

Potato Skins $5.95

Five deep fried potatoes with melted cheddar cheese and bacon

Fried Mozzarella Sticks $5.95

Lightly breaded and fried, served with tomato sauce

Stuffed Mushrooms $5.95

Stuffed with a seasoned mix and blended to perfection

Chicken Tenders or Buffalo Tenders $7.95

Four chicken tenders deep fried and served with sweet and sour or barbeque sauce

Little necks on the Half Shell $6.95

Six little necks served on the half shell with cocktail sauce

Clams Casino $7.95

Six whole clams topped with seasoned bread crumbs and bacon

Red or White Clam Zuppa with Garlic Bread $9.95

Little necks steamed in a marinara sauce or aglio olio served with garlic bread

Fried Calamari $9.95

Tender squid rings, fried golden brown and served with hot cherry peppers

Buffalo Wings or Chicken Wings $9.95

Served with our spicy sauce and bleu cheese dressing

Veal & Chicken

Saltimbocca $18.95 Veal/ $16.95 Chicken

Served over a bed of spinach, topped with Italian ham and cheese with a light mushroom sauce

Française $18.95 Veal/ $16.95 Chicken

Served in a seasoned egg batter, sautéed in lemon and white wine

Marsala $18.95 Veal/ $16.95 Chicken

Sautéed with mushrooms in a Marsala wine sace

Ala Mama $18.95 Veal/ $16.95 Chicken

Sautéed with fresh garlic and mushrooms

Ala Mike $18.95 Veal/ $16.95 Chicken

Sautéed with broccoli and mushrooms, topped with mozzarella cheese

Cacciatore $18.95 Veal/ $16.95 Chicken

Sautéed with onions, peppers, mushrooms, and plum tomatoes

Lorenzo $18.95 Veal/ $16.95 Chicken

Sautéed with artichokes, mushrooms, black olives, diced tomatoes, garlic and virgin olive oil

Parmigiana $16.95 Veal/ $14.95 Chicken

Topped with mozzarella cheese and served in our tomato sauce

Cutlet $15.95 Veal/ $13.95 Chicken

Served in our tomato sauce

~The above beef, chop, veal, and chicken dinners are served with a cup of soup or a fresh garden salad

and a choice of potato and vegetable or pasta. ~

Chicken Di Napoli $16.95

Chicken breast sautéed with sundried tomatoes, broccoli, garlic and oil, tossed with penne pasta

Chicken Rockefeller $16.95

Chicken breast sautéed with spinach, sundried tomatoes, mushrooms, and garlic, tossed with penne pasta

Pasta Dishes

Penne ~ Linguine ~ Fettuccine ~ Capellini (Angel Hair)

J.Bell's Tomato Sauce $9.95

A special rich tomato sauce prepared with the chef's own secret recipe

Pasta and Meatballs $10.95

Your choice of pasta served in J.Bell's tomato sauce with two meatballs

Pasta and Sausage $10.95

Your choice of pasta served in J.Bell's tomato sauce with two sausages

Pasta And Fresh Peppers $10.25

Your choice of pasta served in J.Bell's tomato sauce with fresh green peppers

Combo Platter $14.95

Two meatballs, sausage, peppers, and eggplant

Alfredo $12.95

Your choice of pasta served in a fresh cream, egg, parmesan cheese and butter sauce

Carbonara $13.95

Your choice of pasta served in an alfredo cream sauce finished with Italian ham

Fra Diablo $11.95

Your choice of pasta served with plum tomatoes, garlic, and special "hot" spices

Aglio Olio $11.95

Your choice of pasta sautéed with garlic and oil with just the right spices

Red or White Clam Sauce $12.95

Your choice of pasta served in a zesty marinara sauce or aglio olio with chopped clams

Ziti Con Broccoli $12.95

Penne pasta tossed with fresh garlic, broccoli and special spices

Clam Zuppa (Red or White) $14.95

Little Necks steamed in fresh garlic and spices, served with aglio olio or marinara sauce

Eggplant Parmigiana $12.95

Eggplant served with our special red sauce and topped with mozzarella cheese

Cheese or Meat Ravioli (twelve) $10.95

~These pasta dishes are served with a choice of fresh garden salad or soup ~